What’s Next For Josh Thomson?

Josh Thomson is awesome. He is the first man to finish Nate Diaz by strikes. He’s only lost to three human beings in his career. He’s injury free and handsome. What’s next for The Punk?

At 34 years old and being perhaps the most injury-prone fighter in history, Thomson needs a clear road to the top and to big money fights. The poor dude isn’t even in the UFC’s top ten lightweight rankings. He surely has to be in the next round of picks. Continue reading


Video: The Rise of Conor McGregor

Dem Marquez’ awesome short documentary on SBG’s Conor McGregor. It’s an incredible piece that showcases the Dubliner’s unique charm and Marquez’ intense filmmaking style.


Irish BJJ Cup 15/03/12

Gonna hit the Irish BJJ Cup tomorrow in Sportslink, Santry. Dying for it since I ballsed up my match in the Irish Open this year. Should be a good time as there’s a good few fellow SBG guys coming down.

Brackets for my division here: http://www.strongvon.com/2irishBJJ/m_results3.jsp?page=fightree_921_MALE~White~Adult~Light~.html

I’ll lash a post together with some results, photos, videos and my thoughts on the day tomorrow evening.

Looking to pull guard and play with a few sweeps from there. Just did some classes on effective mount control and escapes. Hopefully I get to test one out and not the other. Also did a wicked class working the sprawl position with Chris Fields on Thursday.

My first match is with a guy from Athy BJJ. Anyone from Athy BJJ has probably trained at least once with Joey Breslin so I’ll have to be pitch perfect with anything I throw out there.