Wrestlemania Rewind – Wrestlemania IV


‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage v ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted Dibiase. 

First shown on the WWE Network on May 6th 2014. 

Various wrestlers, including CM Punk discuss the Macho Man persona and his wacky interviews. Lanny Poffo discusses Savage being the most imitated performer he ever saw while midcarders do Macho’s catchphrase. God damn, The Miz. On another talking head feature. The phoniest dude on the planet. He was a huge wrestling fan in the past and yet sounds like he’s spewing bullshit whenever he talks about it.  

Hulk Hogan and Ted Dibiase discuss how different Savage was, form his attire, to his persona to his work in the ring. Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix discuss the importance of Miss Elizabeth which clearly slots when this was recorded. The Miss Elizabeth character was really important in the whole Macho Man story. Without his terrifying jealous side, Savage would have been the coolest guy in wrestling.

CM Punk discusses Savage’s big show performances and how he would raise the bar for Wrestlemania. That’s great when he’s discussing this show. The match with Gang was appalling despite Savage’s best efforts. 

Discussion of how Ted Dibiase’s Million Dollar Man character captured the 80s wall street greed persona. They compare him to Gordon Gekko but Gekko would have never worn a removable shirt like Dibiase. 

Clips of Dibiase’s vignettes which are still pretty great. The basketball bit where he made a kid cry is shown and it’s hilarious. 

Some clips of Savage – Steamboat from WMIII are shown while Gene Okerlund puts it over. 93,000 people in the Silverdome. 93,000, still, in 2014. 

Discussion of Savage slowly turning face in the year afterwards complete with clips of the awesome SNME Mega-Powers angle. I do love that coked up handshake. Hulk discusses giving the rub to Randy like Andre gave the rub to him at Wrestlemania III. 

Clips of No Holds Barred are shown. Savage is chosen to hold the fort down while Hogan is gone. 

They show the twin referee angle on The Main Event.  Vince screaming “How can there eve two Dave Hebners?” give me some nice nostalgic feelings. Andre then surrenders the title to Dibiase. I’d love some Don Vito subtitles for Andre’s interviews. Hogan’s crying promo is shown afterwards. “How much did the plastic surgery cost brother?” Tears. 

Jack Tunney’s floating head declares the title vacant after the controversy and announces the Wrestlemania tournament. Brodus Clay says that people were making bets on the tournament which I find to be complete bullshit. I wonder if anyone bet on Butch fucking Reed. 

Cesaro tells us all about Atlantic City. Vince McMahon discusses the reasoning for going to Trump Plaza for the show. Glitz was a word used here. 

The finish of Savage – Reed from round one is shown. Savage throws Reed off the top Flair style and hits the elbow. Also, Dibiase beats Duggan with a FIST DROP. 

The Miz discusses the double DQ in the Andre – Hogan second round match that let Dibiase take the bye into the final. Savage has to get by One Man Gang by DQ. Pretty awful tournament all things considered. 

They show the full final match complete with Bob Uecker doing shitty intros. Dibiase’s silver and pink tuxedo is just awful in the best way. Was there an angle in an earlier round with Elizabeth being locked in the dressing room? I remember reading something about that in an old WWF Magazine. 

Fun match featuring Savage kicking out of the dreaded fist drop. Andre cheats from the outside so Liz goes back and gets Hulk Hogan, the real champ. Man, the suits sitting with Trump in the front row don’t give a FUCK about the show. 

Dibiase hooks the Million Dollar Dream, The Giant kinda interferes and Hulk fucking drills Dibiase with a chair to break the hold. Flying elbow and new champ. Hogan looks like Orange Jesus in there next to tired Savage. Liz holds the belt and Randy puts her on his shoulder for the iconic Wrestlemania photo.

Actually a great moment to set up Wrestlemania V and the shitload of buys that it got. 

They show a clip of Macho Man’s incredible post show interview pitting over Elizabeth. A great babyface. 

The talking heads give their thoughts on Savage’s life and legacy to wrap things up. Some nice clips of Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle and CM Punk to show Savage’s influence. 

Recommended show. It wasn’t too full of WWE Bullshit History like some of the Wrestlemania Rewind or Legends of Wrestling programmes. I’m a huge fan of the weekly television from 86 to 89 so the use of the clips is a winner for me.


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