Battlezone Contenders Night

Results from Saturday night’s Battlezone Contenders Night in Donaghmede.


UFC Fight Pass Review

I actually didn’t put something very important into my review. There’s no native PS3, Xbox or Apple TV apps to use this with. So if I want to watch live prelims, events or past shows on my television I have to hook my laptop up via a HDMI cable. It’s just inconvenient, especially in 2014. 

UFC 169 Predictions



It’s the first pay per view of the “No More PPV Draws” era. I’m not feeling any buzz about this from hardcore or casual fans. Since Lesnar, GSP, Liddell etc have moved on, there isn’t one fighter that seems able to bring the UFC a strong (700k+) butyrate. We’ll see how it develops but despite having an array of incredible fighters, perhaps the best roster in history, there are very few real stars capable of moving the needle one way or another. Continue reading