Conor McGregor in the UFC

The MMA media have been all over this with their fancy cameras and whatnot but heres my take on Conor’s win.

I couldn’t be prouder of Conor, John Kavanagh and the club in general. Conor works so hard, day in, day out. He will never be outworked in the gym.

When he had to pull out of his fight with Jim Alers last year he spent the time training his ground game. After every session, he would stay late and work on things with whoever would help. I remember Conor and fellow SBG rep Tommy Martin working the intricacies and different finishes of the head and arm choke.

Conor is the man. Hopefully there’ll be more Irish MMA fighters in the UFC soon. There’s a crew of upcoming fighters that deserve it. Chris Fields, Cathal Pendred and Paddy Holohan are the first that come to mind.

It’s not exactly the most impartial article that I’ve ever written but I just want it out there.



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