Man Of War VI from CityWest

Am BW- Dean Knight (Legends) v Damian Wisdom (PHK MMA)

Knight out to THE HARLEM SHAKE!

Round 1:

Wisdom came out strong and got a takedown straight in to side control. Knight immediately rolled him over and took side control himself. Wisdom defends well and reverses position. He passes to mount  and goes for an armlock. It misses and Wisdom passes to side control. Knight gets straight to his feet and hits the takedown.

Call it 10 – 9 Wisdom.

Round 2:

Knight opens up with a leg kick. Short left by Wisdom sets up the takedown. Knight immediately looks for the armbar but Wisdom escapes and Knight gets to his feet. Wisdom has Knight against the cage and is landing hard shots. He gets another takedown but Knight goes straight for the triangle but can’t quite make the angle. Wisdom may have been saved by the bell but he controlled the whole round.

Call it 10 – 9 Wisdom again.

Round 3:

Wisdom starts to land some good combos. He’s got his mouthpiece hanging out here. Knight rallies with a flurry of strikes as he’s down two rounds. Knight gets hit low to break that up. Huge takedown from Wisdom ends the round. Good fight, I’d score it 30 – 27 Wisdom. His takedowns and top game were key here.

Judges have it 30 – 27, 29 – 28 and 30 – 28 for Damien Wisdom.

Am FW- David Rebas (Monaghan MMA) v Manzur Astaev (MMA Lucan)

Round 1:

Both guys swinging to start. Rebas shoots in with the famed Takayama takedown and ends up pulling mount. Rebas escapes to guard and is landing from the bottom. They get stood up and both guys are swinging for the fences. Astaev is getting the better of all the striking exchanges in round one. The round ends with Rebas looking for a takedown against the cage.

I’d score it 10 – 9 Rebas barely but you could give it to either guy.

Round 2:

Rebas opens with some good leg kicks. Astayev shoots in for a takedown and gets it. He’s holding Rebas’ foot in foot lock position but Rebas is up kicking like a mofo to break free. Rebas shoots when he’s back up but gets caught in an arm-in guillotine. Astaev is squeezing but he loses it when he switches grips up. Rebas does enough damage from top to avoid being stood up.

10 – 9 Rebas.

Round 3:

Rebas opens up with a takedown but fails and Astaev takes top. Rebas is working for a triangle but Astaev easily avoids. Rebas gets tagged and shoots in again but Astaev passes to side control to finish the round.

10 – 9 Astaev. God knows how it’ll be scored as the first round was very close.

29 – 29 draw. Fair result as 1 was really too close to call and 2 and 3 were 1 – 1.

AM WW – Sean O Donavan Sean Scoil v Colm O Flaherty (Monaghan MMA)

O Donovan is fighting in old GAA shorts. None of this tapout shit for him.

Round 1:

O Flaherty starts with some big haymakers that back O Donovan up. O Donovan gets the clinch and starts working for a takedown against the cage. O Flaherty reverses and gets the takedown himself. Before he can do any damage from top O Donovan hits a sit up sweep and gets the mount. He works free of O Flaherty’s grip and starts landing bombs to finish the round.

10 – 9 O Donovan

Round 2:

O Flaherty starts with huge strikes again. O Donovan shoots in, shows incredible posture and carries him Matt Hughes style to his corner where he slams him, takes the mount and finishes the fight. Great showing by the Sean Scoil MMA man here.

Winner TKO R2 Sean O Donovan. :50

Am WW- Cian Smith (MMA Clinic) v Fran McKeown (Swords Fight Club)

McKeown coming out to KLAXONS v HADOUKEN! FUCK!

Round 1:

Both guys with huge support here. McKeown starts out with some solid jabs,. Smith just shoots in and gets the takedown with ease. He mounts McKeown and starts teeing off. Smith takes the back and works to flatten McKeown out for the rest of the round.

Easy 10 – 9 Smith.

Smith straight into the clinch after the last round. He gets the takedown against the cage and starts working to pass. He mounts with eight seconds to go in the round and fires off some bombs.

Easy 10 – 9 Smith again

Round 3:

Big strikes to open by McKeown, he’s fighting with urgency here. He shoots in but gets his back taken instead. McKeown escapes from the back clinch but Smith takes half guard on top. Smith mounts, takes the back and finishes with the rear naked choke. He had to tell the referee that McKeown was tapping as he was out of position.

Winner: Cian Smith RNC 1:52  R3.

Am 80kg CW- Tadhg Dixon (Legends) v Ryan Nugent (Monaghan MMA)

Ryan took the fight with less than 2 weeks notice. Badass.

Round 1:

Dixon with the takedown straight away, passes to side control and mounts. He strtas swinging away but Nugent leaves his arm out there and Dixon takes it.

Winner Tadgh Dixon via armbar @1:50 of R1

AM FW – Dario Sinagoga (Legends) v Stephen Burke (C-MAC)

Burke has a ridiculous following here.

Round 1:

Burke showing great footwork in avoiding everything Sinagoga is throwing.Burke is finding a home for that leg kick over and over again. They clinch against the cage and Burke gets the takedown. Burke catches a guillotine in the scramble and it looks tight. Sinagoga seemingly knees him low to break at the end of the round. Controversial.

10 – 9 burke.

Round 2:

Burke is using his footwork again to slip and land his combinations. He gets the clinch and starts trying to wear Sinagoga out against the cage. After the referee separates Sinagoga starts landing his jab on Burke. Sinagoga hits a loud body kick and they clinch to the bell.

10 – 9 Burke again

Round 3:

Burke clinching again against the cage.After a series of reversals, Sinagoga starts landing some good knees on the inside Burke gets the takedown against the cage and starts working to take the back. Great fight.

10 – 9 burke again. Has to win overall.

Official decision: UD Burke. 30 – 27 x 2, 30 – 28.

Am Featherweight Title
Kieran O’Brien (MMA Clinic) v Tommy Martin (SBGi)

Tommy out to Start Me Up. Bam.


O Brien has a huge reach advantage here. Martin gets the clinch after shrugging off some jabs. He shoots for the takedown but O Brien reverses and takes mount out of it. O Brtien is very, very strong in this position. Martin escapes to half guard and satnds back up. He ate a few in the exchange there. Martin shoots in again but gets reversed to mount again. Martin escapes and starts working on a foot lock from the bottom.

10 – 9 O Brien.

Round 2:

O Brien with a leg kick to open up the round. Martin is wading in with punches. He blocks an O Brien head kick. Martin rushes in but gets caught with a heavy right on the way. Martin is reeling and O Brien smells blood. He tees off against the cage, Martin returning fire but O Brien gets the best of it. Three hard knees against the cage and the referee stops it.

Martin hadn’t gone down but the warning signs were there. It seemed he was rocked by the big right and never fully recovered.

Winner: Keiran O Brien via TKO 1:20 R2.

Am Middleweight Title
Denis Perry (Strabane Fight Team) v Kevin Booth (Swords Fight Club)

Round 1:

Booth clinching and striking. Perry takes the back against the cage and starts working his knees. Perry with control against the cage. He gets the takedown, takes mount and pounds away for the rest of the round.

10 – 8 Round Perry

Round 2:

Perry shoots but gets caught in a guillotine by Booth. Perry blocks and takes up half guard.He’s landing some good strikes from the top position. Back the the feet and Booth gets pushed up against the cage to end the round.

10 – 9 Perry.

Round 3:

Booth opens with a spinning back fist that misses narrowly. He looks for a judo throw but Perry reverses to side control and gets the mount. Huge KEVIN chants from the Swords faithful. The round ends with a flurry from mount by Perry.

10 – 9 Perry.

Official result: Denis Perry 30 – 27, 30 – 27 and 29 – 28.

That 29 – 28 score is crazy.

Main Event Pro Welterweight
Nick Laney (MMA Clinic) v Sylvester Chwaszcza (Shootfighters)

R1: Chwaszcza rushed in and gets dumped with a big takedown straight away. Laney has him  on his back, head against the cage. Chwaszcza working for a knee bar but Laney passes. Back up and Laney hits a hard knee from the clinch. Laney gets the takedown into mount. All The Clinic lads have hit that tonight.  Laney working for an americana and pounding away. He’s got a very high mount. Hard elbows from Laney. Chwaszcza is trying the sunset flip escape over and over. Laney moving for an armbar and teeing off to the body. Chwaszcza working for a leg lock but Laney passes again. He gets the mount and finishes with strikes from there.

Ref stopped it after 10 or 11 unanswered punches.

Winner: TKO in 4:40 R1 Nick Laney


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