UFC on FX 6: Sotiropolous v Pearson

UFC on FX 6: Pearson v Sotiropolous from Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia.

Announcers: Jon Anik & Kenny Florian.

God damn I missed Joe Martinez’s ring announcing.

Rousimar Palhares v Hector Lombard

Both lads tentative. Some HARD leg kicks from Palhares. Knockdown with a hard left from Lombard. Palhares plays guard but Lombard wants it back up. The pace here is so tough. This ain’t going three rounds. Some hard lefts from Lombard and he knocks Palhares down again and tries to finish! Palhares is just hanging on for dear life in closed guard. He is all sorts of fucked up. Lombard gets Palhares against the cage and just unloads with rights and lefts. Hard left puts Palhares down and five more lefts on the floor keep him there.

Hector Lombard looked incredible here. Finally living up to the hype. He called out Michael Bisping after the fight. The fucker GETS IT. How hard is it to have an idea of who you want to fight? Fans don’t pay for fights, they pay for that moment just before the fights starts.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, he looked awesome and came across like the nicest serial killer on the planet.

Winner: Hector Lombard. TKO (Strikes) R1 3.30.

Norman Parke (Team UK) v Colin Fletcher (Team UK) – TUF: The Smashes Lightweight Final

Great job, they cut out Fletcher’s entrance. He’s called “The Freakshow” for a reason.They clash into a clinch straight away. Fletcher getting the better with his awkward style. Parke ends up with double undercooks against the cage. He gets an outside sweep to half guard. Parke is just holding him there with Fletcher using his long legs for attacks from the bottom. Parke is dropping some elbows but staying patient, not exposing himself to anything. He passes to side and working for a choke. Freakshow escapes, Parke tries to take his back but fucks up and ends up on the bottom. Parke’s round easily 10 – 9.

Fletcher starts with some good leg kicks keeping Parke on the outside.Fletcher using a whizzer to hit knees but he’s hiving up double undercooks again. Bodylocl takedown from Parke. Fletcher rolls for a knee bar but Parke passes to side control and working for a choke again. Guillotime attempt leas to a scramble ending in Parke mounting Fletcher. He’s got back mount and working for the choke! Fletcher escapes beautifully and we’re back on the feet. Counter knee to Parke’s face.Both guys are swinging . Leg kicks exchanged by both lads, they sound disgusting. Parke gets off a good left – right. Parke ends the round with a double leg in the centre of the mat. Parke up 20 – 18. Fletcher needs a finish here.

They hug to open round three. Hate that shit. Fletcher picking up the pace, landing some good leg kicks. Parke is countering with some good shots to the head. Backfist misses hilariously. Fletcher has his head up on a flagpole here. He’s getting tagged by hard lefts from Parke. Both guys start taunting each other and SWINGING. Fletcher is landing more and more. Parke counters a leg kick with a takedown and ends the fight working for back mount. I’m scoring this 30 – 27 for Parke. Good fight.

Winner Norman Parke via Unanimous Decision (30 – 27, 30 – 27, 28 – 28)

Kinda lacked in banter after the fight. No Dana, no trophy, no ring girls, no loser interview. Without the main production crew it feels like any old MMA event with better lighting. The show from Vegas tomorrow will be so much slicker.

How the manage to show highlights of Cain Velasquez and Bigfoot Silva without showing a drop of blood is beyond me.

Robert Whittaker (Team Australia) v Bradley Scott (Team UK) TUF:The Smashes Welterweight Final

Cword are going mental here, screaming for their man. Scott using his strikes to set up the clinch. He’s pushing rw against the cage put doesn’t have the underhooks. Crowd immediately chatting “Boring” and looking for them to be broken up. Back to the centre and Scott takes two to the nose. Whittaker looks like he’s headhunting. Scott doing a good job keeping the distance.Whittaker gets an aweoms knockdown with a blitz but Scott able to defend the flurry on the floor. The referee immediately said “LET”S WORK” as Whittaker was looking to finish. He was terrible all season as well.Another three punches has Scott reeling. Whittaker 10 – 9. Great round despite the referee’s retarded calls.

Scott presses forward to open round two. He blitzes Whittaker to get the clinch but gets thwarted. Whittaker is tagging Scott at will. Inside leg kick misses and Scott is left holding his balls. He’s coming out more aggressive after the restate but he’s walking into the Aussie’s peer. Scott counters a right to a takedown and gets Whittaker’s back. One hook in and seatbelt control. The referee is threatening a stand up from back control. No words. Scott gets both hooks against the cage on front of his coaches. Whittaker escapes but gets pressed against the cage. Both guys swing away to end the round. Scott 10 – 9, putting this even. Judges may not have seen it that way. Scott might need to work for a finish to be sure.

Whittaker gets there blitz to start round three. He’s throwing the head kick repeatedly. Whittaker able to circle away from Scott’s clinch attempts. Scott looks fresher but Whittaker is scoring left and right. Both guys swinging but Whittaker is landing. Scott is cut bad over his hairline. The ten second buzzer goes and both dudes just fucking throw down. 10 – 9 and the title to Whittaker. Great fight, really enjoyed it. Regardless of the result both lads deserve a contract.

Winner:  Robert Whittaker (Team Australia) Via Unanimous Decision (29 – 28, 29 – 28, 29 – 28)

Again, boring ass interview. Jon Anik has some work to do.

George Sotiropolous v Ross Pearson in a five round main event.

Pearson comes out to Otto Knows. GSot comes out to Iron Man. Sotiropolous win that one 10 – 8. George’s ears are disgusting. As an aside, I went to my doctor to get my cauliflower ear drained. She was like “That’s a staph infection cocksucker!” So I’m on soul killing antibiotics until Christmas.

Fucking LOVE Joe Martinez. Awesome energy out of this man. Change is good for everyone.

George physically looks like a fit grandad. NO GLOVE TOUCH! Whoo!

Pearson looks great at 155. He catches George straight away. He rocks George again and George starts working for a takedown. GSot did the stinky leg for a bit as well.Pearson stalking George. He hits a headlock but George absorbs it. George needs a takedown right fucking now.Pearson drops him with a leg kick. George rocks Pearson with a well timed jab. He has his bearing back it seems. Takedown by George and takes his back! He’s going for a standing RNC but gets face planted. George ends the round in side control. Pearson 10 – 9 even with the ground control.

George out scoring straight away in round two. He’s pushing Pearson back and making him worry about the takedown. George his landing some good shots. Pearson is throwing more but not coming close. George’s head movement is so good in comparison to the last round. Pearson drops him with a counter left hook but George straight back up. Pearson 10 – 9 with the knockdown. George needs the next three rounds.

Pearson immediately drops George with the lead left hook. George back up but wobbly as shit. Pearson catches him again with a straight jab, follows with a few rights, a left to the body and the referee jumps in to stop it. Holy shit. Great fight! Pearson looked awesome at 155 after a 1 – 2 stint at featherweight. Not sure what’s next for Sotiropolous after dropping three in a row to Dennis Siver and Rafael Dos Anjos also.

Winner: Ross Pearson TKO (strikes) Round three.

Pearson got awarded his blue belt after the fight. Hey, I got mine yesterday! Let’s be friends!

The show ends 55 minutes early with nary a prelim in sight.

Fuck it though, really good fight card. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Big Country v Matt Mitrione and Pat Barry v Shane Del Rosario for the fucking win.


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