UFC 154: St.- Pierre v Condit for the World Welterweight Championship

Joe Rogan just called the welterweight division a “volcano of animals”. That’s a mixed metaphor that Jim Ross would be proud of.

Mark Homnick v Pablo Garza

Homnick is coming off a three fight losing streak and needs to win to keep his job. His striking is a level above Garza but he has not been himself in the cage since his trainer Shaun Tompkins died last year. He got dominated by Aldo over five rounds and knocked out by Chan Sung Jung in seven seconds. His split decision loss to Eddie Yagin can be disputed but the numbers do not lie. He needs this one bad.

Garza is similarly coming off a two fight skid. He is a more exciting fighter than Homnick but one who might be prone to excitable bursts that leave him open to counters. He thrives on the unexpected however. His flying knee finished the first ever UFC featherweight fight and his flying triangle opened the show of the biggest UFC of all time.

Garza out first to “Lights” by Ellie Goulding. Homnick retaliates with Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart”. First blood to the Canadian handily.

Homnick gets a good response from the Montreal crowd. Homnick is moving forward to start but getting tagged with jabs and a big leg kick. Garza is connecting more despite Homnick coming forward. Garza is getting that leg kick at the end of all his combinations. Homnick is starting to find his range gradually. Garza panics and goes for a takedown. Homnick with a hip toss to counter and takes top. Garza gets guard an almost gets an armbar! Homnick escapes and back to the feet. He drops Garza with a body shot and looks to finish! Garza escapes and lands a right that busts Homnick’s eye open and they swing to the bell. Ridiculous round, could make a legit argument for either guy.

Garza opens up round two with a fucking spin kick that misses by a dimension or two. He gets the worst of the standup and does a crazy roll from a body lock from the back to try get the hooks in on the ground. He gets Homnick on his back and works to pass.  He’s wide to Homnick’s dangerous ground game and is landing elbows. Garza postures up and starts landing serious blows. Homnick is busted open over both eyes. Homnick uses the cage to spin his hips and tries an armbar and omoplata. More elbows from Garza as Homnick’s face is swelling up disgustingly. Round ends and Homnick is a mess, cut over his eyebrow and under both eyes. Has to be Garza’s round but they both need a finish to be sure.

Homnick is beginning to open up again but gets taken down. Garza is doing more of the same pounding as in the previous round. Homnick is being sliced open as he’s holding on for dear life. Homnick tired a nogi De La Riva guard, goon. Garza is not giving Homnick any space to get back up. Homnick needs to get up and start swinging. Homnick gets his feet on Garza’s hips, pushes off, takes a knee to the body on the way up and Garza shoots again. Homnick does a rolling omoplata attempt and ends up on how back again. Garza ends the round on top again. Good fight, a battle of attrition. Has to be Garza’s fight.

Pablo Garza b Mark Homnick via UD (29 – 27, 30 – 26 and 29 – 28).

Two 10 – 8s? Has to be round two but I didn’t think it was warranted. Yeah, Homnick was busted up but he just has one of those faces ala Nick Diaz. The opposite of Anderson Silva, who miraculously never looks bad regardless of what happens to him.

They seriously found a hick in the crowd with a fucking UFC bicep tattoo. Montreal is a pretty classy city, don’t stereotype your fans as mongs.

Mark Bocek v Rafael dos Anjos

Bocek’s last two wins over John Alessio and Nik Lentz were proper journeyman style grinders. He tends to lose to the contenders and beats everyone else.

dos Anjos is one of the only lightweights with a ground game to match Bocek’s. His first round submission over Kamal Shalorus was glorious. Shalorus had proven himself to be a tough, durable fighter and dos Anjos just shut him down. It should come down to who has the better striking as it looks like it will be a stalemate on the ground.

dos Anjos out to Flux Pavillion. He’s running around the octagon so gingerly. Those dodgy knee’s. Bocek out to Tupac’s “Holla At Me”! You know he’s a legit lad because it’s not on his greatest hits. Unexpected but still, he’s a ginger junkie looking lad so maybe not.

Bocek with the clinch after taking some inside leg kicks. Fighting for a double against the cage. dos Anjos with some great knees to break. dos Anjos connecting with the lead right hook over and over.Bocek missed a high kick and falls over. Always funny. He gets the Thai clinch and bulls dos Anjos into the cage. He’s having no luck in the clinch. Bocek is being picked off here. Back against the cage as dos Anjos’ takedown defense is fucking great.dos Anjos circles out and leg kicks Bocek again. Easy 10 – 9 dos Anjos.

RDA’s corner calling for more punching during the break. Bocek immediately lands a HUMDINGER of a low blow. RDA back and takes Bocek down against the fence. Bocek is fading fast.RDA has a kimura against the cage in that awkward north-south/side control position. Bocek tires to triangle RDA from the bottom. Rogan calls this position NSFW. Back out and dos Anjos has busted up Bocek’s eye. RDA with another cage takedown and putting more pressure on him. Working for the hooks here as Bocek is spent. It looks like an athlete against a martial artist. Bocek is defending his back against the cage and trying to run out the clock. dos Anjos is two up. Bocek needs a finish.

RDA looks like he’s off for a pint of milk and Bocek looks like Rocky Dennis. Bocek is going after it albeit slowly. RDA tries for a takedown but Bocek hits the switch. Back to the cage grind as Bocek just can’t get him down. dos Anjos fucking dumps him with a double and working for a kimura again. To the back and Bocek tries that Sakuraba kimura. Bocek is responding to all of dos Anjos’ feints. Two minutes to go, Bocek needs to do something drastic. RDA’s cardio is crazy, like Lance Armstrong good. Wink.

Rafael dos Anjos b Mark Bocek via UD (30 – 27 across the board).

He looks like a serious player after this performance as Bocek has only lost to greats. And Mac Danzig. Sorry Mac. Shit, that’s actually his real name! MAC.

Francis Carmont v Tom Lawlor

Carmont is 3 – 0 in the UFC and hasn’t lost since 2008. He has finished his last two via RNC and is training with GSP and the monsters in Tri-Star. He’s a beast with great wrestling and awesome top control. Look for him to hit Lawlor with a double and go from there.

Lawlor is the best mid level fighter in the UFC. He constantly underachieves. He has all the tools, including an understanding of the business but never seems to get on track. His wins over C.B. Dolloway and Jason McDonald showed a great fighter with a killer instinct. He canbeat people with the wrestling grind as well as seen by his efforts over Patrick Cote and Kyle Kingsbury. He tends to lose when he shouldn’t. This will be a huge test to see where he stands in the division.

Lawlor’s sweater in the pre fight package is preposterous. A Dave Batista 2010 special. Lawlor out to “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)” dressed as a geek or hipster or whatever. Carmint out to a French rap tune with the best tee of all time. My twitter is full of girls saying they’d like to fuck Carmont for what that’s worth.

Lawlor gets the cage clinch as Rogan and Goldberg destroy the fat referee. Referee separates them because he’s a fat mongo. If Carmont wanted out, let him fought out. Carmont with some good kicks and Lawlor goes back to the cage. Kimura attempt by Carmont and back to the centre. Nope, back clinching against the cage. Lawlor looks like he needs to keep to this game plan. Carmont is throwing from so far out. Carmont with an inexplicable takedown and Lawlor tries his Dolloway Killer arm in guillotine. Carmont gets out and hits an elbow from the guard at the buzzer. I’d go with Lawlor 10 – 9.

Both guys are measuring for their bug punches. Carmont with a fucking HARD knee to the body. Back to the cage as the referee is giving them shit for not working. Fuck off like. Good combination off the break from Carmont. He’s using that Jon Jones style jab hand to the face.  Carmont is anticipating Lawlor’s drop down well. Lawlor finally gets Carmont down with two minutes to go in the round. Carmont wall walks and Lawlor hits some knees to the body. Back down with a minute to go. Lawlor with a double under pass, Carmont reverses and gets an arm in guillotine. Same finish to the round as the one before. Two takedowns and cage control from Lawlor. 10 – 9 via my scoring system. God knows how the judges see it.

Carmont tries a flying knee but gets bulled up to the cage. I’m going to fly to Montreal and kill this fat referee. They’re both working and he separates them. Christ. Carmont is trying for that big right but he’s telegraphing it. Lawlor has him against the cage again. Lawlor is having success with the lead right but Carmont is throwing body kicks liberally. Lawlor lands the big left, Carmont yawns at him. Back to the fence as the buzzer goes. I have it 30 – 27 Lawlor but all rounds were so close that it wouldn’t be a robbery to have the opposite score. Really interesting fight.

Francis Carmont b Tom Lawlor  via SD (29 – 28, 29 – 28, 28 – 29).

The hometown fans boo the decision. Also, third fight in a row with no interview.

Martin Kampmann v Johny Hendricks

Kampmann has been the comeback king lately, winning his last two after being whooped beforehand. His defensive ground game is superlative as he shut down both Thiago Alves and Jake Ellenberger as they had him badly hurt. His striking, wrestling and grappling have gotten so much better since he debuted in the UFC. His biggest weakness is that he ALWAYS gets hit.

Hendricks on the other hand hits so fucking hard and as a southpaw he’ll be hoping to do what only Paul Daley has done to Kampmann in the division.He’s 8 – 1 in the UFC so far and has hammered everyone with his tenacious grappling and monstrous left hook. Stylistically, it looks to be Hendricks’ fight but we can never count out Kampmann.

I’m not talking about either guy’s entrance music. Physically Hendricks looks in great shape. Fuck it, Kampmann used “It’s A Fight”. The Ronseal of walkout music.

Hendricks smiling as the round starts. Kampmann with lots of feints. Hendricks goes for the big left straight away. He hits it again after 46 seconds and Kampmann is fucking OUT. His corner is losing their minds. HOLY SHIT.

Johny Hendricks b Martin Kampmann via knockout R1.

The replay from behind shows Kampmann’s jaw going a few inches to the side of his face. Kampmann’s head fucking BOUNCED off the mat as well. He’s actually back up and chatting straight way despite how horrific the knockout was. The shot after the knockdown was SO fucking accurate. He’s now 9 – 1 and has won 5 in a row. He called out the winner of GSP – Condit after the match and bigger up his wife on her birthday. It’s really hard to deny him a title shot on the run he’s on. The anti Jon Fitch.

The fans were going fucking BANANAS by the way. Reminds me a lot of UFC 94 where the main card had 3 consecutive decisions, a knockout in the semi main and then a rabid crowd for GSP – Penn in the main.

The crowd are going crazy right now during Rogan and Goldberg’s pre fight spiel.

Georges St.- Pierre v Carlos Condit – Undisputed World Welterweight Championship

GSP has won nine fights in a row and has almost cleaned out the division. The big question is how his knee holds up. If it works, he wins. Simple as that.

Condit out to “The Ghost Of Tom Joad”! Again with the awesome music guys. GSP out in the worst gi of all time to French hiphop. He’s feeling the moment. This GSP entrance is seriously the most spine chilling moment I’ve seen in MMA. Goosebumps all over.

GSP is gigantic by the way. He’s in awesome shape. Condit looks bigger than usual as well.

Condit with some jabs as seen in the Diaz fight and moving away. GSP with the low single and starts working for the pass. He’s pounding on Condit who’s looking for armbars. GSP is just passing and pounding. There is blood everywhere. He’s just shutting him down here.

Condit starts round two by backing off from Georges’ strikes. Condit looks hesitant as GSP is just throwing whatever he feels like. GSP is catching Condit with his left jab over and over. Condit scores with a slick one, two. And again. He’s timing GSP nicely here. He misses a spinning back fist. GSP with a double but Condit reverses back to the feet. Leg kick from Condit is countered into a sweet double leg takedown. Straight into half guard and GSP is pummeling the shit out of Condit. He doesn’t seem to be able to get off his back. GSP has a knack of following Condit’s hips and not letting him make an angle for any attacks off his back. The round ends and the mat is covered in Condit’s blood.

Round three starts with some more striking. Condit hits a body kick and backs off. GSP hits a couple of leg kicks. Condit with a one, two, blocked by GSP but the three is a fucking shin to the skull. GSP down and in trouble, Carlos is pounding the fuck out of Georges but he’s back to the guard. GSP is just hanging on, regaining his composure. GSP is up and wobbly. Takedown and back to guard for GSP. More pounding and passing to half guard. The game plan here is awesome. Everytime Condit uses his hands to reverse back to guard GSP throws bombs and then postures. Round ends with GSP on top as the cage looks like Kabul in wartime.

Before editing, here is what my notes read:

“R3bk con, ilk g, GOD DAYUMMMMMgdgdf”

GSP immediately starts round four by taking Condit down as he’s got his gas back again. Condit can’t keep up. More of the same as GSP is grinding him out with the crossface in half guard.

Round five starts with some crisp striking from both. GSP with a smooth jab, leg kick combo that made Condit back in to the cage. Straight right connects for Condit but there’s nothing on them. another single leg from GSP. He needs to watch his p’s and q’s here. He almost passes to side control but Condit gives up his back. Some sweet work from Condit to take it back to guard but he’s being pounded on still. Condit needs to start throwing those legs up as much as he can. He has nothing left though and the round ends with GSP punching on top.

The crowd are losing their mind. Perhaps we’ll looks back at this as one of the best fights of all time but we’ll need perspective for that. It’s in the discussion anyway. Crazy fight, my heart is still pumping from it.

Georges St.- Pierre b Carlos Condit via UD (49 – 46, 50 – 45, 50, 45).

GSP was non committal about the Anderson Silva super fight. He considered Condit his toughest opponent ever. If that was GSP at his best then, yeah, it really was.

Condit got a nice ovation from the Montreal natives after the fight. He thanked everyone and vowed to come back. “Maybe I’ll get him next time.”


Darren Elkins b Steven Siler via UD (all 30 – 27).

Ivan Menjivar b Azamat Gashinov via armbar R1.

Matthew Riddle b John Maguire via UD (30 – 27, 30 – 27 and 29 – 28).

Antonio Carvalho b Rodrigo Damm via SD (29 – 28, 29 – 28, 28 – 29).

John Makdessi b Sam Stout via UD (30 – 27, 30 – 27, 29 – 28).

Cyrille Diabate b Chad Griggs via RNC R1.

Patrick Cote b Alessio Sakara via DQ R1 (strikes to the back of the head).

Pablo Garza b Mark Homnick via UD (29 – 27, 30 – 26 and 29 – 28).

Rafael dos Anjos b Mark Bocek via UD (30 – 27 across the board).

Francis Carmont b Tom Lawlor  via SD (29 – 28, 29 – 28, 28 – 29).

Johny Hendricks b Martin Kampmann via knockout R1.

Georges St.- Pierre b Carlos Condit via UD (49 – 46, 50 – 45, 50, 45).


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