UFC 153

UFC 153!


Demian Maia v Rick Story

Maia finally went back to his jitz game after pretending he was a striker since 2009 in his quick win over Dong-Hyun Kim. Story is 1 – 2 in his last 3 and needs a win to stay out of the relegation zone.

No entrances for either guy. Disappointing as both have great walk out tunes. Stranglehold by Ted Nugent and a 1980’s Brazillian rock tune. GUESS WHO USES WHICH?

Maia opens up with a beautiful double and takes Story’s back as he tries to escape. Full hooks in against the cage. Maia goes palm to palm and hits the most disgusting neck crank RNC I’ve ever seen. He literally squeezed so hard blood started coming from Story’s nose. Deeply uncomfortable. Maia ‘s first tap in the cage since beating Sonnen in London in March 2009.

Winner: Demian Maia. 2:30 R1 via tap out due to rear naked choke.

Phil Davis v `Wagner Prado

Not sure what to expect here after their first match went like 20 seconds. If Davis doesn’t rape his eyes again it could be an alright fight. Davis’ style is rarely conducive to an exciting fight however.

Prado is the greatest man ever coming out. He’s dancing, waving and even thwarted a hat theft. He’s fucking delighted to be here. Davis out to Flux Pavillion. His physique has gotten more normal as his UFC career has gone on. Anyone know what’s up with that?

How long has Marc Goddard had that tattoo?

One minute of shadow boxing before Davis tries to clinch up. He eventually gets a double at two minutes in. Prado is going for a kimura from guard but Davis defending well. Davis takes the back off the wall walk but Prado is holding the cage for dear life. Another double from Davis and some more ground and pound. Blatant shot to the back of the head not called by Goddard, fans are not happy. Prado back up with ten seconds to go and gets taken down with a greco throw off the cage immediately. 10 – 9 Davis.

Davis with a flying knee and ends up with a single. He gorillas Prado down and has him on his ass against the cage. Back circling and Prado doesn’t look as sharp. Another takedown from Davis that Prado was nice enough to stand there and accept. Phil’s working for an arm triangle but Prado escapes like a boss. He gets caught by Davis in position for an anaconda choke, he wastes no time, hits the gator roll and gets the finish. Beautiful sequence from Davis.

Winner: Phil Davis . 4:25 R2 via tap out due to anaconda choke.

Jon Fitch v Erick Silva

Highest stakes on all the card for these guys. Fitch loses and he’s most likely out of the title mix forever and has to start thinking of a life after the sport without those championship paydays to work towards. Silva is looking to become the next Brazillian title contender. With the Brazil market emerging it is in his best interests to get the W here.

Silva coming out to Rampage’s theme music of all things. Fitch out to Cash’s version of Rusty Cage as usual. Fucking great walk out song. I love that Fitch always touches gloves while running round the outside. Fitch booed like crazy.

Fitch catches a knee and rushes Silva to the floor and starts Fitching him against the cage. Silva escapes off a failed starting arm triangle. Silva with some hard fucking shots but Fitch ties him up again. Fitch rocks Silva with a hard elbow off the break. Back to Fitching Silva against the fence. Fitch 10 – 9. Real good round.

Fitch tries to tie up but Silva switches and takes his back. Fitch escapes but Silva to the back again. Fitch to the feet and gets the hands free. Back to the Fitch grind against the cage. Silva switches again and has a full rear naked choke applied! Fitch is gutting it out, controlling the hands. Fitch reverses to guard, starts pounding and takes Silva’s back. HE SWITCHES TO AN ARMBAR AND HAS IT LOCKED, SILVA ESCAPES BY THE SKIN OF HIS TEETH. Tough to score, either guy 10 – 9. Awesome round!

Fitch starts out round three by dragging Silva straight to the ground and starts pounding the fuck out of him. He takes the back but Silva escapes and pulls an arm in guillotine! This is a fucking crazy fight, never get this out of Fitch fights! Fitch takes the back, gets full hooks and stretches him out! Silva gives up the mount and gets the shit pounded out of him again. Has to be 10 – 8 Fitch. Great fight, perhaps Fitch’s best fight ever. He broke that poor boys spirit.

Winner: Jon Fitch via Unanimous Decision. 30-27,  29-28 and 29-28.


Glover Teixeira v Fabio Maldonado

Tons of fighters bailed on fighting Teixeira. Shogun and Lyoto turned it down while Rampage Jackson had to pull out due to injury. He’s the hottest prospect in the light heavyweight division. Maldonado has lost two on the bounce. He’s likely to be cut with a loss although both fights were fight of the night winners and fucking awesome brawls.

Fabio out to Bill Conte’s Gonna Fly Now. Glover out to Chuck’s old theme music. He looks like such a beast.

Glover drops him in like 15 seconds and gets mount. He’s dropping big ass elbows as Fabio is trying to escape. Glover is trying to bait Fabio into an arm triangle. He;s dropping BOMBS on Fabio. Glover finally gets the side choke but Fabio guts through and defends. Back to punching from mount as the fans are not thrilled about this. Maldonado escapes and gets back to the feet. Glover starts whopping on Fabio again but he hits a beast of a left hook to the chin! AND ANOTHER! Glover is wobbly as fuck and they’re both swinging away! Round ends after another Glover takedown. 10 – 8 round. Has to be.

Glover straight in with the takedown in round two. He’s like ‘fuck this boxing shit.’ Glover back to full mount and whooping on Fabio again. Fabio Maldonado is the toughest guy on the planet. To half guard and Glover is using his head to push on Fabio’s face. Both guys are pretty gassed. More hammerfists from the top position. Yamasaki stands them up for no good fucking reason. After the doctor checks both lads, Glover starts tagging the shit out of him again to end the round. It’s pretty fucking disgusting to be honest.  Maldonado’s face is like hamburger meat.

The doctor stops the fight in the corner between rounds. It’s Maldonado’s third loss in a row but he can’t be cut after this fucking fight. 

Winner: Glover Teixeira via TKO (doctor stoppage) after R2.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira v Dave Herman

BIG NOG is back after the most gruesome televised injury in modern history. He looked awful at weigh ins but he always has since he beat Randy in Portland. The fucker is BROKEN. Pee Wee last lost out to Roy Nelson after being knocked the fuck out. It should be a great one round fight. After that it’s a crap shoot for both lads.

Herman has never been submitted and doesn’t believe that jiu jitsu works. “A fraud” I believe were his exact words.

Herman comes out to some Portuguese tune that has the fans singing along. As soon as they saw Herman on the big screen they acted like they’d been double crossed and booed vociferously. Nog coming out to COME WITH ME. Why not the Jamiroquai song instead? The amount of times I tried to spell Jamiroquai was ridiculous.

Herman comes out kicking the injured arm. Bastard. Herman with a takedown from the clinch and stands back up. Some more clinching from Nog but Herman has an overhook on the broken arm. Bastard. Herman trying to play the distance game that did him SO WELL against Big Country.  Herman just standing in front of him not moving. He’s showing him zero respect. 10 – 9 Herman with the takedown and hard body kicks. He’s controlling where the fight is.

Nog drops him straight away in round two and passes to side control. He’s working on an americana. Herman defends well but ends up mounted. He gives up the back and Nog switches to spider web! Herman escapes back to the feet. Maybe jiu jitsu doesn’t work after all. Herman with another takedown, gets top and stands back up. Herman is dropping his hands during every exchange and is getting tagged. Nog connects and takes him down to side control and passes to mount. Armlock, Herman defends, Nog adjusts and gets the tap. Great fight, great finish. The fans are going ape shit. That was an awesome sequence to finish the fight. PRO WRESTLING ALIVE AND WELL IN MMA. Couldn’t have scripted it better. Anderson Silva was shown openly weeping in the back with his handlers desperately trying to calm him down.

Winner: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira via armbar at 4:31 of R2

Anderson Silva v Stephan Bonnar

This is seriously the most ridiculous fight they’ve ever promoted as a main event. It should be awesome given the story, both guys’ styles and crowd heat. 

With the UFC injury bug, sometimes you end up with Renan Barao as the main event and sometimes you get stuff like this.

This will probably be Bonnar’s swansong as he was openly contemplating retirement before being offered this fight. It will likely make no difference to Silva’s career as it’s clear he is saving the show for UFC. How irritating would it be for Silva’s streak to be ended by STEPHAN BONNAR?

The Who as usual for Bonnar. He’s running around pretty gingerly. Not the best athlete anymore. Fans going apeshit for the opening strains of DMX obviously. Silva shares a hug with a returning Big Nog in the back. Really nice moment. Silva looking nervous.

Combined age in the cage is 72 years. Bonnar is fucking gigantic next to Silva.

Bonnar out aggressive and Silva slips. Bonnar with the clinch, looking for a single against the fence. Bonnar dirty boxing but Silva with a knee to the body. Double undercooks against the cage from Bonnar. Anderson with doubles and gets the thai clinch. Silva pressing Bonnar against the fence. They separate from the cage after a flurry and Silva willingly backs on the the cage and invites Bonnar to hit him. He’s making a mockery out of him, just avoiding all his shots. Silva starts tagging the shit out of Bonnar. Silva trips him and follows up with a KILLER of a knee to the sternum. It looks like his ribs are broken. Bonnar turtles up in great pain and Silva pounds him out.

Winner: Anderson Silva via TKO (knee to the body and punches) at 4:40 of R1.


Great show.

Quick results.

Anderson Silva d Stephan Bonnan via TKO (knee to the body and punches) in R1

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira d Dave Herman via armbar in R2

Glover Teixeira d Fabio Maldonado via doctor’s stoppage after round two.

Jon Fitch d Erick Silva via unanimous decision

Phil Davis d Wagner Prado via anaconda choke in R2

Demien Maia d Rick Story via RNC in R1

Rony Jason d Sam Sicilia via TKO (punches) in R2

Gleison Tibau v Francisco Trinaldo via unanimous decision

Diego Brandao d Joey Gambino via unanimous decision

Sergio Moraes d Renee Forte via RNC in R3

Chris Camozzi d Luiz Cane via unanimous decision

Cristiano Marcello d Reza Madadi via split decision


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