WWE DVD sale

Here’s the story. I’m getting rid of most of my pro wrestling DVDs. It’s time. I’d also like to make some coin on these.

The basics are that one disc DVDs are going for €5, two disc for €7 and three disc for €10. Some will cost a bit more with added value or whatever. Anyone wants any, hit me up on atmbrennan@gmail.com.

Right, to the list:



18 €12

19 €12

20 €15

23 €15

24 €15

Tagged Classics: All €7

Wrestlemania I and II

Summerslam 88 and 89

Royal Rumble 89 and 90

Survivor Series 97 and 98.

Royal Rumble 2005: €5 (NTSC)

Backlash 03 €5 (NTSC)

Backlash 07 €5 (NTSC)

ECW One Night Stand 05 €5 (NTSC)

ECW One Night Stand 2006 w/ Barely Legal 2006 bonus disc €7 (NTSC)

Vengeance 2006 / extra DX return disc €7 (NTSC)

Summerslam 2008 €5

TNA Genesis 06: Angle v Joe I

TNA Turning Point 04 featuring XXX v AMW legendary cage match

Both TNA for €5

ROH Unscripted 02: Michael Shane v Paul London

ROH  The Epic Encounter 03 : Brayn Danielson v Paul London

Both ROH for €5

Wrestler DVDs

One Disc: All €5

Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior (NTSC)

Rey Mysterio 619

Triple H: The Game

Two Disc: All €7 except where indicated otherwise

Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen (NTSC)

Road Warriors – Legion of Doom (NTSC)

Brian Pillman – Loose Cannon (NTSC)

Jake The Snake Roberts – Pick Yoir Poison (NTSC)

Rob Van Dam – One of a Kind (NTSC)

Shawn Michaels From The Vault

Chris Benoit Hard Knocks €10 (NTSC)

Mick Foley – Greatest Hits and Misses

Eddie Guerrero – Cheating Death, Stealing Life (NTSC)


Three Disc: All €10 except where indicated otherwise

Tombstone: THe History of The Undertaker

Hulk Hogan: Unreleased Collectors Series

Rey Mysterio: The Biggest Little Man

The Dusty Rhodes Story

Hulk Hogan: The Ultimate Anthology

The Shawn Michaels Story

Viva La Raza: The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero

Other Stuff:

The History of the WWE Championship €10 (NTSC)

Wrestling’s Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches €7

The Greatest Wrestling Stars of the 80’s €10 (NTSC)

The Ladder Match €10 (NTSC)

Starrcarde: The Essential Collection €10


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