UFC Ultimate Fighter LIVE Finale.

Pretty great show actually, Jon Anik and Kenny Florian are a nice change of pace from Goldie and Rogan. More of a laid back feel to it.

Justin Lawrence v John Cofer

Really good fight. Started out even, Lawrence’s footwork was much better but Cofer was landing the better strikes and scoring more despite not being as technical. Second round was fairly similar, Lawrence started taking charge in the striking exchanges. Cofer ducked under a lazy jab, got a single and took Lawrence’s back with great ease. Any useful guys would have finished it there. It’s an unwritten rule that you drop your expectations in these finales.

Third round starts and Justin Lawrence knocks John Cofer the FUCK out with a highlight reel headkick. Seriously, that was amazing. It looked like Cofer had his kids’ names and birthdays kicked out of his brain.

Wait, Lawrence’s nickname is “The All American KId”? That needs to go. Immediately.

Max Holloway (Drake) v Pat Schilling (Dropkick Murphys)

I picked Schilling based on my Irishness when he came out for his fight. I also have the worst record for fight picks on the FigureFourOnline board. So obviously Schilling lost. Exciting first two rounds with Holloway eating Schilling up. Holloway evaded all of Schilling’s takedown attempts and picked him apart repeatedly. Third round was comprised of Schilling trying takedowns, pulling guard instead and slowly and sadly getting back to his feet. In between he was being waylaid with body shots. Just an interminable round.

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about Holloway’s tattoos. They’re appalling. He looks like a gang member in Barney the Dinosaur’s imaginary world.

Holloway takes it on the scorecards. 30 – 27 across the board. Also, he’s Max “Blessed” Holloway. Christ.

They aired a promo for Silva – Sonnen II after this. It was unbelievable, I actually had goosebumps afterwards. If you haven’t seen it, find it now.

Jonathan Brookins (Black Sabbath) v Charles Oliveira

I still can’t say ‘Jonathan Brookins’ in anything other than a French accent. Brookins with his usual hands down style, taking shot after shot from Oliveira. Brookins got a takedown to guard, not where you want to be with Oliveira who immediately threatened with an armbar. I feel like flying to Vegas and gluing Brookins’ right hand to his face. Head up on a flagpole, repeatedly taking shots.

Second round starts, same shitty boxing from Brookins. Oliveira gets a huge takedown but gets caught in a guillotine. He escapes, hits some ground a pound against the cage and hits a sweet modified guillotine. It was sweet, he almost used a D’arce grip from arm in guillotine position.

ESPN then aired a three minute advert documenting Shaq and Kobe’s relationship. Don’t know what it was for but it was awesome.

They aired the video packages for the main event. If this wasn’t live and people actually watched the show then Michael Chiesa would be a superstar.

I already wrote about the problems with the live format of the show, you just can’t build storylines. Regardless what anyone thinks about sports vs reality television, the numbers are there. Nobody watched this show regularly except for the hardcores but they watch everything anyway.

The guys lost his father is WEEK ONE and stayed on to win the whole show as the underdog in all his fights. Real life is better than any script. The only problem is that they couldn’t make the most of it during the season.

Al Iaquinta (Fat Joe) v Michael Chiesa (Ted Nugent)

Chiesa rides the storm, gets the clinch, takes the back and chokes Iaquinta unconscious. The perfect ending to the season. Not a dry eye in the house between the video packages and the aftermath of the fight. Awesome ending to the series. he wins the six figure contract, the trophy and an unreal Harley-Davidson.

Martin Kampmann (Three Six Mafia) v Jake Ellenberger (Eminem & Nate Dogg)

How do you follow that fight? What this awesome fight of course!

Ellenberger tags Kampmann with a left hook and starts pounding the shit out of him on the ground. Kampmann keeps defending and regains his guard. And they stay there for the next 4 minutes. I mean they were working hard and all but they weren’t advancing position or striking.

Second round starts and Kampmann looks like a zombie with all the blood on his face. His nose is fucked up. All of a sudden WHAM, Kampmann catches Jake with a left to the temple, Jake wobbles around, Kampmann gets the thai clinch. Two knees to the chin and it’s goodnight Ellenberger. Referee Steve Mazaghatti dives straight in to prevent any unnecessary damage. Holy shit, great finish to the fight.

If Kampmann doesn’t get a title shot during his UFC career it will be a monumental tragedy. He’s the most consistent contender, durable and always has exciting fights.

Chris Saunders v Myles Jury

Shitty kickboxing match until Jury throws a failure of a flying knee but lands in perfect guillotine position. Boom, fight over.

Joe Proctor v Jeremy Larsen

Proctor, the grappler, took his time and hit a beautiful thai knee for the knockout. He’s one of the most well rounded guys from the season and has a ton of charisma so good booking there.

Really good show, not one I’ll have on my DVR forever but an enjoyable 3 hours. They have something in Michael Chiesa. Hopefully he doesn’t get thrown to the wolves too quickly and has time to progress his striking skills.

Also for anyone wondering my 4 show Mount Rushmore of UFC shows on my DVR currently stands at 117, 121, 140 and 142. 116 was there but an overzealous girlfriend deleted it by mistake. A dumping offense..


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