Just Entertain

Alistair Overeem has been denied his licence to fight in Las Vegas. However, he is free to reapply after 9 months as opposed to the standard one year penalty for drug failures.

Overeem brought in his doctor to clarify the treatment he had administered to The Reem. Overeem’s doctor, Hector Molina has an interesting resume.

Molina’s past includes being fined $25,000 in the past and placed on restrictions for three years for prescribing controlled stubstances and dangerous drugs over the Internet without establishing a proper doctor/patient relationship. These are drugs that included morphine, codeine, metahdone, Vicodin and anabolic steroids.

He didn’t fare well in front of the Nevada commission. He was reminded more than once that he was under oath. It’s incredible to think that he had at least a month to prepare for this. He repeatedly failed to remember exactly what he had prescribed for Overeem and could not produce any credible evidence that would point to a need for testosterone.

It was a shambles.

Commissioner Bill Brady pointed out the problem that many MMA fighters seem to use the TRT defence AFTER they’ve failed. All commissioners ripped apart Overeem’s defence piece by piece by piece. It was amazing to see how professional they were in comparison to California during the infamous hearing for Chael Sonnen.

The commission unanimously denied Overeem’s licence. Usually you can’t reapply for at least a year after being refused. Not today.

Just when everything was going so good for them, boom. Pat Lundvall, universally regarded as the toughest member of the commission suggested that Overeem be able to reapply 9 months after the failed test for reasons unknown. This was granted on the condition that he not apply to fight anywhere else for the time period. It was widely known that UFC were not going to book him if he was refused.

Honestly, there is no reason I can think of for this. The dog and pony show must have blinded them to the facts of the situation.

Sean Sherk, Chael Sonnen, Nate Marquadt and now Alistair Overeem have shown that as long you have a story, no matter how terrible, you’ll be rewarded.

Just entertain the commissions. They seem to regard that more than facts and honesty.


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