I won my division today. White belt 76kg. Two of the three fights in the division went the time limit, the other had 13 seconds to go when I got the finish.

First fight was against Addis who’s also from SBG. He footswept me for two points and proceeded to rack up points at an impressive rate. With 30 seconds to go he was 13 – 0 up and I hadn’t gotten off anything I had trained for. After getting back to full guard, I got a flower sweep to mount. From there I got a right side arm bar which got the tap. Lucky to get the finish although I’ve been training that sweep hard for the last while.

Second fight was a long, drawn out points affair. I pulled guard and hit a basic open guard sweep for two points. Just hung out in his guard for the next four minutes. Snoozefest.

The final was a similar affair. Pulled guard again, swept with the same technique and worked for the pass. The difference here is that I actually passed in the end to comfortably win 5 – 0.

Lost my first fight in the open weight division. Look at my second fight, reverse it and that’s what happened. I’ll update this with some (terribly boring) videos when they’re uploaded to Youtube.


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