Irish BJJ Cup 15/03/12

Gonna hit the Irish BJJ Cup tomorrow in Sportslink, Santry. Dying for it since I ballsed up my match in the Irish Open this year. Should be a good time as there’s a good few fellow SBG guys coming down.

Brackets for my division here:

I’ll lash a post together with some results, photos, videos and my thoughts on the day tomorrow evening.

Looking to pull guard and play with a few sweeps from there. Just did some classes on effective mount control and escapes. Hopefully I get to test one out and not the other. Also did a wicked class working the sprawl position with Chris Fields on Thursday.

My first match is with a guy from Athy BJJ. Anyone from Athy BJJ has probably trained at least once with Joey Breslin so I’ll have to be pitch perfect with anything I throw out there.


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