Fucking Hector Molina

Okay here we go. This Hector Molina chap is the Manny Pacquiao’s personal physician. He is the man who claimed that Pac-Man was clean of performance enhancers.

He goes by the name Hector Oscar Molina and Oscar H. Molina. I could not confirm whether he also goes by the name ‘Alfred Molina’. If he does, he’s my new best friend.

He was named in the Signature Pharmacy steroid scandal of 2007. This report by Sports Illustrated outed somewhere in the region of 15 WWE wrestlers and interestingly UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin.

Here’s an article on why he was fined and suspended.

Doctor draws fine, sanctions for Internet prescriptionsBy Pete Alfano

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

The Texas State Board of Medical Examiners has fined Dr. Hector Oscar Molina of Colleyville $25,000 and placed restrictions on his practice for three years for prescribing controlled substances and dangerous drugs over the Internet without establishing “a proper physician-patient relationship.”

Molina, who has a general practice in Irving, will be prohibited from prescribing Schedule II and III controlled substances, among them medications such as morphine, codeine, methadone, oxydone (Percodan), hydrocodone (Vicodin) and anabolic steroids. Controlled substances are drugs with a high potential for abuse and which may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.

Molina must also establish a proper physician-patient relationship with all patients in his practice, which requires him to “personally and physically see, examine, diagnose and treat every patient in person.”

The board’s order also stipulates that Molina, who is listed as 39 years old, must score at least a 75 on the Medical Jurisprudence Exam within the next year in order to be licensed in the state. He can take the exam three times.

Molina did not return messages left with his receptionist at his office in Irving.

The action was initiated when a complaint was filed with the medical board by a Colorado man who received drugs prescribed by Molina from the unregulated Internet pharmacy, http://www.prescriptionconsultation.com. It is no longer operating under that name.

An undocumented number of doctors supplement their incomes by as much as several thousand dollars a month writing prescriptions for unregulated online pharmacies based on a questionnaire completed by patients.

According to the complaint, which is posted on the state medical board Web site, the patient obtained hydrocodone and other medications in increasingly stronger dosages. The original orders and refills were authorized by Molina.

The complaint says that the patient was also being treated by his own physicians at the time and became addicted to the medications.

According to the state medical board, Molina, who was licensed in Texas in August 1997, violated the proper physician-patient relationship because he prescribed the drugs without having examined the patient, taken a proper history, acquired adequate medical records and performed adequate tests.

Ordering prescription medication from unregulated Web sites is seen by U.S. authorities as an increasingly dangerous practice. Patients circumvent registered pharmacies and their own doctors because they believe they can save money and also acquire drugs their doctors may not be willing to prescribe.

Federal agencies and physicians and pharmacy groups warn that patients should take medications only under a doctor’s supervision and that medications from unregulated online pharmacies may be counterfeit, substandard or tainted.

In Texas, an advisory commission has recommended that the State Board of Pharmacy be granted more authority to regulate out-of-state and online pharmacies, including the power to discipline these pharmacies.

This week, the Food and Drug Administration and Texas Pharmacy Association launched an education campaign warning consumers about the risks associated with ordering drugs from other countries and on the Internet.

Because tracking unregulated pharmacies in cyberspace is difficult, costly and time consuming, state medical boards and federal agencies such as the FDA and Drug Enforcement Administration rely heavily on patient complaints to prosecute cases.

One such case involved Dr. Robert C. Ogle of Rockwall, who surrendered his license in December and is awaiting sentencing March 24 for prescribing hydrocodone to a California teen-ager who died when he mixed the drug with morphine and an antidepressant. The teen-ager had lied about his age when filling out an online questionnaire.

A spokeswoman for the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners said that information about doctors who prescribe drugs on the Internet is shared among states and national physician associations. Local hospitals where physicians may work are also notified.

According to the state board of examiners, Texas physicians R.L. Nelms, Kenneth Speak, Ernesto Cantu and David L. Bryson have lost their licenses for prescribing medications through unregulated online pharmacies


Just Entertain

Alistair Overeem has been denied his licence to fight in Las Vegas. However, he is free to reapply after 9 months as opposed to the standard one year penalty for drug failures.

Overeem brought in his doctor to clarify the treatment he had administered to The Reem. Overeem’s doctor, Hector Molina has an interesting resume.

Molina’s past includes being fined $25,000 in the past and placed on restrictions for three years for prescribing controlled stubstances and dangerous drugs over the Internet without establishing a proper doctor/patient relationship. These are drugs that included morphine, codeine, metahdone, Vicodin and anabolic steroids.

He didn’t fare well in front of the Nevada commission. He was reminded more than once that he was under oath. It’s incredible to think that he had at least a month to prepare for this. He repeatedly failed to remember exactly what he had prescribed for Overeem and could not produce any credible evidence that would point to a need for testosterone.

It was a shambles.

Commissioner Bill Brady pointed out the problem that many MMA fighters seem to use the TRT defence AFTER they’ve failed. All commissioners ripped apart Overeem’s defence piece by piece by piece. It was amazing to see how professional they were in comparison to California during the infamous hearing for Chael Sonnen.

The commission unanimously denied Overeem’s licence. Usually you can’t reapply for at least a year after being refused. Not today.

Just when everything was going so good for them, boom. Pat Lundvall, universally regarded as the toughest member of the commission suggested that Overeem be able to reapply 9 months after the failed test for reasons unknown. This was granted on the condition that he not apply to fight anywhere else for the time period. It was widely known that UFC were not going to book him if he was refused.

Honestly, there is no reason I can think of for this. The dog and pony show must have blinded them to the facts of the situation.

Sean Sherk, Chael Sonnen, Nate Marquadt and now Alistair Overeem have shown that as long you have a story, no matter how terrible, you’ll be rewarded.

Just entertain the commissions. They seem to regard that more than facts and honesty.

Michael Carruth Interview

20 years on from his Olympic gold, 2012 will be a bittersweet anniversary for Michael Carruth. It’s the first time the games will come and go without his father and trainer Austin.

“He passed away 13 months ago, the greatest coach that ever lived. Bottom line. Myself, Billy Walsh and all the gang, just pretenders to his throne.”

Family ties are a common theme for the Carruths in Drimnagh. There’s the Carruth roundabout, named after the family in 2009. There’s also Drimnagh Boxing Club.

Filled with memories, stepping into the gym is like opening a time capsule. There’s newspaper cuttings of every boxer who’s ever made something of themselves on the wall. There’s a huge canvas at the back of the most famous son of all.

He describes the Sunday afternoon his family found out he’d qualified like he was there himself. Likely refined through many retellings, the story just rolls off the tongue.

“When there was something wrong Ozzie used to scratch his head, so he comes in scratching his head from the kitchen. So my ma says “Sure, he tried his best.” “Well now, he done a bit better than that, he’s after qualifying for the Olympics.” And the place went bananas, I’d love to have been a fly on the wall for that.

“I had qualified for my second Olympics and about four or five weeks later, he comes in from the kitchen again scratching his head while we’re all sitting there watching television. He goes “You know the way you’re going to the Olympics, well I’m going with you!” Well, I jumped higher than I did when I won my medal. For all his years of commitment to boxing, it was a just reward for him.”

Carruth’s second Olympic games turned out much better than his first. In 1988, in Seoul, he was eliminated in his second bout by knockout. The training camp was haphazard for the boxing team. They were sent to a hotel in Kerry in seclusion. Hitting heavy bags in a ballroom was far behind what the Eastern European and Cuban teams were doing to prepare. Carruth described it as “shambolic”.

“For Barcelona, we got ready mostly in Laytown in Drogheda. We all love the camp – mostly because it was an hour from Dublin. Then they brought us over to East Germany then for four or five weeks. It was hard but well worth it. The heads were right, our body’s were right.”

“The biggest difference in the 20 years has been that we’re now full time. I wasn’t full time in 1992. I had no right to win at the Olympic Games, Wayne McCullough had no right to do as well as he did. There was no stopping us two. We were probably a generation ahead of the rest.”

He laughs about coming back home famous. He describes strangers coming up to him in the street and hugging him, thanking him. On the other side there was “alpha males” wanting to test their mettle against the Olympic gold medallist every once in a while. The vast majority of his experiences are positive, even if he rarely got to finish a drink.

“I became the champion sipper of the country. If I was anywhere having a coffee or a pint, it wouldn’t be too long before I was dragged away for a conversation and some photos. So I gave myself that nickname, every drink I had my hand on for two years I only got a sip of. “

Carruth’s focus these days is on spreading boxing throughout Dublin. In his role as a boxing development officer for Dublin City Council he’s tasked with bringing the sport back to the community. They are currently working in the five districts of Dublin and hope to branch out to South Dublin, Fingal and the rest in the next few years.

He has high hopes for the current crop of fighters. While I was interviewing him, we got word that Adam Nolan had qualified for this year’s Olympic Games in London. However, he doesn’t mince his words about how successful the team should be.

“If we don’t get a gold medal 20 years on it’s a failure. I mean the boys, not the girls. Not to be disrespectful, Katie [Taylor] has beaten everyone put in front of here for the last three or four years. You have to believe that she’ll pull it out. The boys have been fully funded for the last 10 years. That’s the main difference.

“Adam Nolan has been the surprise package of the tournament so far. Adam’s a lovely young man, lovely style and a lovely height for his weight class. I always say cream rises to the top so if it’s for them, they’ll pull it. out”

The photo in his office of his father looks down on us. The resemblance to Michael and his two brothers is uncanny. He’s passed on some amazing memories to his family and to his club.

“We came back into our room after the medal ceremony. He went over to the ‘dirty corner’ where we keep all our boxers and all that. He proceeds to put my gold medal into his dirty sock. “What are you doing Ozzie?” I said with more colorful language than that. “Listen” he says, “they’ll rob that gold medal but they’ll never rob my smelly socks”. I said that at his eulogy and the church erupted. Typical Ozzie, always thinking.”


I won my division today. White belt 76kg. Two of the three fights in the division went the time limit, the other had 13 seconds to go when I got the finish.

First fight was against Addis who’s also from SBG. He footswept me for two points and proceeded to rack up points at an impressive rate. With 30 seconds to go he was 13 – 0 up and I hadn’t gotten off anything I had trained for. After getting back to full guard, I got a flower sweep to mount. From there I got a right side arm bar which got the tap. Lucky to get the finish although I’ve been training that sweep hard for the last while.

Second fight was a long, drawn out points affair. I pulled guard and hit a basic open guard sweep for two points. Just hung out in his guard for the next four minutes. Snoozefest.

The final was a similar affair. Pulled guard again, swept with the same technique and worked for the pass. The difference here is that I actually passed in the end to comfortably win 5 – 0.

Lost my first fight in the open weight division. Look at my second fight, reverse it and that’s what happened. I’ll update this with some (terribly boring) videos when they’re uploaded to Youtube.

Irish BJJ Cup 15/03/12

Gonna hit the Irish BJJ Cup tomorrow in Sportslink, Santry. Dying for it since I ballsed up my match in the Irish Open this year. Should be a good time as there’s a good few fellow SBG guys coming down.

Brackets for my division here: http://www.strongvon.com/2irishBJJ/m_results3.jsp?page=fightree_921_MALE~White~Adult~Light~.html

I’ll lash a post together with some results, photos, videos and my thoughts on the day tomorrow evening.

Looking to pull guard and play with a few sweeps from there. Just did some classes on effective mount control and escapes. Hopefully I get to test one out and not the other. Also did a wicked class working the sprawl position with Chris Fields on Thursday.

My first match is with a guy from Athy BJJ. Anyone from Athy BJJ has probably trained at least once with Joey Breslin so I’ll have to be pitch perfect with anything I throw out there.

UFC on Fuel TV …


Alexander Gustafsson vs Thiago Silva.

Have to go with the home town kid here. If he can keep Silva at bay and clinch him against the cage he should grind out a decision.

Alessio Sakara v Brian Stann.

Sakara is basically a tomato can with awesome tattoos. He’s never beaten anyone useful. Ever.

Paulo Thiago v Siyar Bahadurzada,

Gonna go for the newcomer here. Thiago has looked weary lately. I can see him being ground out by Bahadurzada’s relentless style.

Dennis Siver v Diego Nunes

Nunes should have the speed advantage here. Fight of the night contender with Siver being outpointed I imagine.

Demarques Johnson v John Maguire

Demarques is on borrowed time. Also, he’s terrible. Maguire should have this one.

Leaving it at this for the minute. I’m quite tired.