The Ultimate Fighter – LIVE – Episode 2

The main thought I had coming from the first real episode of TUF was “Who cares that this is live?”

Without the benefit of having the whole season in the can there is little chance of the producers being able to fit together a narrative aside from the obvious sporting storyline. People view these shows for characters as opposed to great fights. Without characters these breast fights become two dudes hitting each other.

We’ve got the 4 W’s and H to hook people in journalism. Who, what, where, when and how.

Who? It’s episode one. I don’t expect to know who these fighters are individually yet. However without an idea of who advances in the tournament, it’s harder for producers to focus on the guys and rivalries that will develop over the next few months. Bellator is RIGHT THERE. No one is watching talented dudes that they don’t know having a fight.

The biggest UFC event of all time was UFC 100. The main event had Brock Lesnar and Frank MIr in a rematch of a fight 18 months earlier. Without an word being spoken, there’s already a revenge aspect there, a case if unifying the belts and so on. People want to see stars. People will pay money to see stars. There’s a big reason why America’s Next Top Model isn’t live. They need to have 12 weeks footage recorded and know which girls are going to be finalists before they start producing. “Oh Jimmy Jones, from Fucklick, Tennessee got eliminated? I’m heartbroken.” This is a conversation I can only imagine his immediate family having.

Aside from a couple of incidents in the past, TUF has never had the results leak. For all intents and purposes, the show was live to everybody. During his latest podcast, even the fmed MMA and Pro Wrestling journalist said that he didn’t know the results in advance. Everyone involved had to sign a non disclosure agreement to take part.

Don’t even get me started on the first show. 16 one round fights with no commentary and no name fighters. This show dragged worse than anything I’ve ever witnessed associated with the sport. The ratings b0re that out as well. Started low and lost viewers as they went on, bucking all previous ratings patterns of 6 years worth of debut TUF shows.

Maybe it’s a work in progress but we shall see what happens. The advantage they have is that they can tinker with the formula as time goes by. Fans don’t like not having commentary? Great, put Jon Anik in.These are all aesthetic issues they can deal with. The main problem is that all the human drama that reality tv is based on will be gone.

Drama is what makes this show exciting, without it, its just two dudes hitting each other.


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